Monday, June 22, 2009

Beach Day/Hide and Seek

My mother-in-law came for a visit last Wednesday, and on Friday, we all went to Atlantic Beach, NC for the day. It was a great day. I packed a picnic, and off we went - without my camera. Even without my camera, we had a wonderful time. The boys were well behaved for most of the day. We got done at the beach, and then went to Tony's (aka Sanitary Fish Market) for a nice, fresh seafood meal. LaLa (my MIL) got some extra sun in spots, as did Steve. Since the boys and I already have a base tan, we didn't get burned (yes, sunscreen was applied to all).

Saturday was a recuperation day for the adults. The boys seemed to bounce back from fun in the sun a lot quicker than we did. Also, Saturday was a HOT, HOT day. We decided to stay inside and enjoy the coolness of the air conditioning. The boys, well they wanted to play. So we played Hide and Seek in our house. A fun time was had by all (as you can see). I tend to take some GREAT pictures while we are playing Hide and Seek.

Have a BLESSED day!
Alli C

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