Sunday, August 30, 2009


OK, so I thought that this blogging thing was just me jotting down some random thoughts about kids, work (or lack there of), housework, hubby, life in general, etc. I did not think that this was going to be WORK. Me, work? After over a year of unpaid, unwanted "vacation", now I have to WORK in order to write a blog. That sounds too much like, well, WORK.

I mistakenly thought that ideas and blog posts would just POP into my head, and then magically appear on the screen. WOW, I WAS WRONG (OK, now note this day, and print this page...I admitted I was WRONG).

The best bloggers out there (well, the ones I have found) plan out their blogs, and some even pre-write them and have them scheduled to upload. I have also found, that I don't tell a story as well as I thought I should. Most of the bloggers (again, the ones I have found), can tell a story with all of these details that you read for like 5 minutes (or longer). I tell a story in like 5 sentences.

I have often thought about an exercise that my senior year english teacher had us do. We were to keep a journal. It would be for her eyes only, no classmates were going to be getting these to read. Most of the time, it was just for her to see that we had completed the assignment, not necessarily if our writing technique was good. Also, she would give us a subject to write about, but periodicaly, she would let us choose. The first exercise that she gave us, was for us to "brainstorm" and write down everything that came to mind. EVERYTHING. If it was something about ***, we were supposed to write it down.

I have thought about having such an exercise to see if it will work now. I hope it does, or you just might be looking at this post forever!

Alli C

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