Thursday, August 13, 2009

Elizabeth's sister

As you might know, my sister Elizabeth has been in the hospital for 2 weeks fighting a really bad infection due to chemo for leukemia. My mom is caring for her small kids (4 1/2 and almost 6), as well as keeping her job. So, as Elizabeth's sister, my job is to be there for her, and help monitor the situation, and keep everyone posted. I have started a Caring Bridge site for her, to help keep everyone informed as to how she is doing. You can click the button to the right - Update on Elizabeth.

Elizabeth's nurses have been passing on that Elizabeth has a sister who asks a million and one questions, and may ask a question 3 or 4 times until she fully understands what is going on. Elizabeth's sister also likes to know all of her blood numbers, her vitals, and if any extra pain meds have been given. Elizabeth's sister will not wait for a nurse, and will use the termometer on the wall to ensure Elizabeth has no fever. Elizabeth has a sister who sits in there CONSTANTLY, and occasionally tweets and blogs from the hospital room in her gown and gloves (which is not an easy task).

Elizabeth has a sister, that even though things have been rocky between them, loves Elizabeth very much, and has been completely changed by this experience. Elizabeth has a sister who will continue to ensure that Elizabeth is comfortable. Elizabeth has a sister who will keep an eagle eye on her to make sure that no small symptom goes unnoticed.

Elizabeth has a sister who prays that Elizabeth will make a full recovery and be able to enjoy life again. I am proud to be Elizabeth's sister.

God Bless!

Alli C

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