Monday, September 7, 2009

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!?!?!?!

AAHHHH, there is a crispness in the air. School is back in session. The NC State fair is around the corner. It is fall, my favorite time of year.

Oh yeah, I forgot. It's


Can ya tell that I LOVE FOOTBALL! Specifically the Washington Redskins, and the NFL (but I don't mind some ECU football too!).

We are dedicated, loyal, enthusiastic Redskins fans. Well, anyone who says that they are a true Redskins fan is dedicated, loyal, and enthusiastic. Daddyman has been a Redskins fan for his whole life. I was converted when I met Daddyman. For my safety, and the safety of my children, I will not reveal who I used to be a sometimes fan for. Daddyman has been such a die-hard fan, he put his name on the list for season tickets. Right before we were relocated to Indianapolis, Daddyman was informed he had been selected to get season tickets. What a disappointment.

When we got to Indy, Daddyman decided that he would get the NFL Direct Ticket, so that not only could he watch every Redskins game, he could watch ALL NFL games. In order not to become an NFL widow, I WATCHED football with Daddyman, and learned more than just the basics that my mom had taught me growing up (aside: she had learned about football so that she could talk to the guys in her office-she was the only female). Now, there were times when I would nap for an hour or so during a game, but I would wake up when things were getting good, and I don’t think I EVER slept through a ‘Skins game.

While I was working in Indy, some of the guys in the office started a fantasy football league, and allowed me to join. Even though I hadn’t played before, I did pretty well against the guys. I have played in several other leagues since then.

This year, Daddyman and I are playing against each other in our own private league. This should prove interesting, as we are both competitive. He has a lot more knowledge than I do, but I intend on kicking his butt all over eastern North Carolina. We have had our draft, and I think that my team will be a force to be reckoned with this year.

I also have a team in the Momspective II league through ESPN. I am excited about this league too, as it will be against other moms and women. Since I have played fantasy football before, and have a good understanding of things, I’ll be sharing my tips each week. I’ll also be celebrating my victories, and sharing my frustrations. ‘Cuz I’m good like that.

This Thursday, be sure to check your starters to make sure everyone is you have starting is physically starting their game. It is important this week that you make sure you check it prior to the Tennessee @ Pittsburgh game. If you have a player scheduled to start in the Thursday night game, and you cannot bench him after the start of the game. During a regular week, when games are on Sunday and Monday, it is a good idea to check your players after Thursday afternoon (this is when each team releases their injury report stating if a player is out, doubtful, probable, questionable, or injured reserve). If a player is listed as probable or questionable, the team can make a game time decision, and you would need to adjust your roster within the last hour before kick-off. The pregame specials on CBS and Fox will keep you informed, and you can also tune into ESPN for SportsCenter to get the latest info. You can also tune into to get up-to-date information.

Good luck in your first week as a Fantasy Football team owner!!!

Oh, and…


Alli C

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