Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random Thoughts Tuesday

So, I have started using baking soda and diluted vinegar to clean things around the house (not together, of course). This is supposed to be better for the environment, and better around my kids – no hard chemicals or fumes. But, every time I use the vinegar/water spray on my counter tops and table, I think that someone is cooking BBQ in my kitchen.

Unless you were from North Carolina (Eastern NC, specifically), you probably don't think that is funny, but when I said it to my mom, she laughed out loud for 2 whole minutes. You see, in Eastern NC, we do not use a tomato/ketchup based BBQ sauce. We only use a vinegar based sauce to flavor the meat. But that is an entirely different post all together.

Daddyman reads my blog, but doesn't give me any comment love (all comment love is welcome). We occasionally talk about it (my blog), but he never says that what I write makes him LOL. Then I got to thinking, what would make him LOL? Especially at school? So, this is completely for him – I'm the nurse…

And if any of you ACTUALLY GET this, you might be in the running to be our new best friends!!!

DUDE! My mom got Daddyman and me 2 tickets to see the Redskins host the Cowgirls on December 27! We are so excited! We have been to a preseason game for the Redskins at home, and we have seen them play in St. Louis (when we lived in Indy), but we have never been to a regular season home game for the Redskins. We have some points for a free Marriott stay, so we are going to be spending the night in the DC area after the game (it is supposed to start at 8:20PM).

My fellow blogger Julie @ Momspective had a unfortunate accident cell phone this week. Please stop by her site Momspective and see if you can help her.

I have the sweetest little boys. Jack was especially sweet this morning. When he got up, he gave me a hug and told me, "I love you Mommy. You look beautiful in that blue shirt." I have on a plain blue T-shirt and sleep shorts.

OK, time for the randomness to end. I will catch you next week with another installment of total random thoughts…

Alli C

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  1. More safe "home" cleaning products to try. Tang breakfast drink makes a great toilet bowl cleaner and is safe around kids and animals (because it is food). It's too sticky to use on other surfaces, but you can use lemon juice instead. Citric acid can be used on almost all surfaces, you can use half a lemon to clean and polish your knobs and faucets. I clean with lemons then run them through my garbage disposal to clean it also.