Monday, September 28, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts - what's left of a Monday Morning Hangover


What can I say? The Redskins decided that after 19 consecutive losses, the Detroit Lions deserved a win. That would be a fair and true statement, EXCEPT the 'Skins actually looked like they were trying.

A lot of the faithful and loyal Redskins fans are in utter shock. Some are just tired of this attempt at greatness each year, that ends up in utter failure. Some blame head coach Jim Zorn, but the Redskins have not shown any greatness in quite some time. So what is it? They have a TREMENDOUSLY talented team, but some how, they can't hold it together.

Fantasy Notes:

Daddyman has finally beaten me this week...and in good fashion. I don't wanna talk about anything futher, let's just say he is enjoying this win. That's OK honey, I let you have one.

I am UNDEFEATED in the Momspective league. I have some work to do this week in order to continue my streak.

In other news:

I took Jack to UNC-Chapel Hill Ortho yesterday, and he got casts put on his feet to help lengthen his calf muscles and heel cords so that he stop walking on his toes. He is adjusting quite well. I am sure I will have some pictures for tomorrow's Wordless Wednesday.

My mom has been growing some hot peppers to make pepper vinegar. She has been letting them sit on the vine to get hot (they have turned red, but she is still letting them get a little hotter). My niece and nephew have been wanting to try them all summer long, and finally, Mom didn't stop them when they went to pick a pepper. Hannah took a bite, and immediately went to get a paper towel to try to wipe the hotness from her mouth. She then went to get the thermometer to check the temp in her mouth, because she was SURE that it would be hot. Don't think she'll be eating any more hot peppers.

Have a blessed day!

Alli C

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  1. LOL! How funny that she went to get the thermometer. =)
    I've never heard of Pepper vinegar. Gonna have to look that up.