Monday, September 14, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


I am now back home for a short while. YEAH!!! I love being at home. I could stay in the house for a week (longer without kids). I have so much to clean right now, that I might be home for a whole week. We have so much "junk". I need to go through it to see what needs to be pitched, donated, or sold on eBay. I am having clutter issues...

I need satellite TV or cable, but I would really prefer DirectTV so I can get the NFL Direct Ticket. Daddyman and I had it a few years ago (before 2 kids), and it was AWESOME. I kind of didn't appreciate it when we had it, but I would now. Hell, I would settle for some ESPN, Disney channel, and Noggin. Living in the boonies and no satellite/cable, we get SQUAT on the TV. We can't even get ABC. We JUST were able to tune FOX in, but I had to put the antenna on a Goldfish box, an Accounting book, and an box on top of the entertainment center.

As you might remember, my 4 year old has a little girlfriend at the the babysitter's in Richmond. Last Thursday, he told her goodbye for a while. Miss Robyn reported that Jack told his gf that it would be a while before he would get to see her again. Every time I mention her name, he gets this goofy little smile on his face. It is kind of precious.

Jack is really a sweetheart. At least once a week he wakes up to tell me he had the best dream. When I ask what it was about, he says that he dreamed that he loves everyone in the whole world, even Hemi (his brother). He is usually very joyful on those days.

Have a happy week!

God Bless,


  1. Hi! Just doing a Blog crawl to all the blogs owned by the ladies in our league. I'm looking forward to an eventual matchup

  2. That is such a sweet dream. I love that!

  3. Aw, I wish I had dreams like that instead of the dumb zombies...