Sunday, October 4, 2009

Football Fever!!!

OH how the mighty have fallen. After being undefeated in the Momspective league, I have now been brought down to earth. I lost this week. And my opponent's kicker was on the bye this week. How bad is that? Oh well, on to the next opponent. I shall spend more time looking over the injury reports and deciding if an injured player is worth playing. If you have an injured player, and he does happen to play, is he going to be the starter, or just a fill in? Well, that's what you have to dig into. You need to read what is being said about the player, and if he is going to be getting a lot of play time.

As for Daddyman and myself, I am still winning. I beat him again this week. Whoo hoo! He had a really rough week with byes and injuries, so I am sure that I will be caught in the near future.

And the Redskins?

A win is a win, right? I guess, even if the team that wins looks worst playing than a team that has lost. Such is the story of my beloved Redskins. They won (barely), but they still don't look very good when they play. They don't seem like they are a team, they are just individuals playing as individuals for an individual purpose. There doesn't seem to be any cohesiveness amongst the players. It is time to come together as as family of sorts, and get the job done. The most successful teams are ones that act like a family. That's not to say that there won't be some fights and some disagreements, but when push comes to shove, they are in it together for the long haul.

Here's to a better week ahead.

Alli C

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