Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Really, am I going to bust out a post today? It's only been almost a week since I graced this blog with something. I was a cute kid...wonder what happened.

This Christmas, my mom gave Daddyman and the boys EACH a bank shaped like a butt that farts when you add money. It of course requires batteries and were not included. So, we added batteries to one of them to test it out. Jack brings me his, and says, "Mommy, put batteries in my butt!" Good times.

I recently started listening to Pandora, because I am tired of the 500+ songs on my iPod. The first few times, they were rocking out music that I was totally digging. This morning, they are playing a lot of slow stuff, which does not suit my mood. I need to really rock out. I need something with a lot of energy. I have added new artists to my radio station, so hopefully I will be rocking out soon.

Oh, thanks to Disney for putting out Chuggington! They are the reason I have had 30 minutes to read a few blogs, and write this post. It's like the boys are in some kind of trance. They have no moved since the show started. This looks like the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

I have started crocheting hats, chemo caps to be exact. I got 2 done in 2 days (like 3 hours each), and I will be donating them to the Massey Cancer Center at the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond. They have been great with their treatment of my sister, and I feel like I need to give back something. I will also be opening an Etsy shop to sell some other things. I want to make some baby blankets, but I need some specific yarn for it, so I am going to use what I have before investing in some more.

Ok, that is all Chuggington is almost off. Have a great Tuesday!

Alli C

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