Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

OK, so I believe that I am a genius, or rather I had a genius thought. The latch on my dryer broke, and so I hopped online to find a replacement. Because we live in the country, the part was not in our area, and would have to be special ordered. The part would be $12.50 plus shipping, and would probably take a week or two before it would arrive. First, I couldn't give up my dryer for a week or two (I needed to dry clothes then!). Second, I couldn't see myself dishing out $12.50 plus shipping for this little bitty part. So I thought. And thought. I came up with the bright idea that since the dryer is made of metal, maybe I could get a magnet to keep the door shut. So the boys and I went to Lowe's and bought some magnets. I got 2 different sizes and some duct tape (just in case). And what do you know?! It worked! So now, my dryer door stays closed, and I only spent $8 for all of the magnets and the duct tape. Yay me!

Over the weekend, we got some snow and some ice. I was afraid that we wouldn't be able to make it for Jack's appointment on Monday to get his casts taken off. He had had them on for 4 weeks instead of the prescribed 3, so I didn't want him to wait much longer to get them off. The road in front of our house looked alright, and we decided to get into the car and head out. I figured if the roads were too bad, we could always turn around. The worst part of the trip was walking out to the car. Our door is in a shady area, so the sun hadn't melted it. We got there, and Jack got his casts off. The doctor said that he wants to see him in 6 weeks (which is typical), and that we might have to periodically re-cast his feet. In the mean time, he has prescribed that we get braces for his legs to keep his feet at a 90 degree angle during the night. He is only to wear them at night, so that is a plus. I also have to do exercises with him twice a day to help him.

I keep getting calls on my cell phone from someone (it is a recording), and it is all in Spanish. I don't understand what they are saying, except "Hola". It is quite funny, but I think that I am done answering it.

Hope you have a blessed week!

Alli C

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  1. Good for you fixing the dryer!! We're rural too, and often have to find a way to make things work until we can get to town!!