Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Welcome Back?

It has been so long since I wrote anything, I am not sure if I even know how to write any more. OK, so I still know how to write. But what do I write about? Should I catch you up on the happenings in my life? OK, here you go.

My dad had triple by-pass surgery on November 19. Everything went well, and he has been recovering nicely. He is currently living with my mom (they are divorced) in Richmond, and I stayed there with my kids until December 18. I came home for the week before Christmas, and then we all went back to Richmond on the 26th. This time to celebrate Christmas with my parents, and so Daddyman and I could go to the Redskins/Dallas game in DC on the 27th. It was a Sunday night game, so we used some Marriott points to stay in the area. It was the first time that Daddyman and I have been away from the kids overnight since Jack was born (almost 5 years ago)! I slept in (until 10:15ish), and we had a nice lunch of Five Guys. That place is GREAT! It was nice to be with Daddyman and have conversations with him uninterrupted.

My nephew's birthday was on the 29th, so the boys and I stayed in Richmond to help him celebrate, and we brought my dad to my house on the 30th. Daddy wasn't feeling well and on Saturday, he was ready to go back to Richmond. I took him halfway, and Mom met us there for the exchange. Sunday was a day of laying around and doing some cooking (Brunswick stew, banana bread, chicken salad). Monday, we took Jack back to Chapel Hill and he was put in casts again to help correct his toe-walking. Due to scheduling issues, he will have them on for 4 weeks. I pray that it will work this time!

My sister has had a drop in her bloodwork. The doctors do a CBC each week, and her numbers are in a downward trend. Her platelets had dropped pretty dramatically at one point, but they have now come back up to pretty decent levels. Her white blood count is down, and she has been considered neutropenic for a while. With her white blood count down, she is more susceptible to germs, and could catch a cold that her body couldn't defend. Her red blood count is down as well, but not enough to require blood products. Red blood cells and platelets can be replaced, but white blood cells are not replaceable. She has finally decided to look into hospice. She has a lot of neuropathy pain in her legs, and the meds the doctors have given her are not working effectively. We have been wanting her to contacting them so that they can help with her pain, but it has been hard for her to finally admit that she needed it, and that this is the beginning of the end. It is hard for me to push it on her, but I don't want her to be in pain, and they can help her. I want to do something for leukemia patients in honor of my sister, but I haven't yet figured out what to do.

We are scrimping and scraping just to get by financially, and we may end up living with my mom in Richmond before the semester is out. We could stop paying our credit cards, but if we do, Daddyman will have lots of problems getting a job in the accounting field if he has bad marks on his credit. I am praying hard that a door or window will open. I will settle for a crack in the wall that I can chip away at. God is good, always, and I know we will get through this. We need to be able to survive financially for 1 more year! Daddyman graduates next December if he can continue on his education path.

So as usual, there is a LOT going on with us. I am hoping I can get to a normal routine again, and get some blog posts cranked out. I enjoy writing, and it is something FREE I can do for myself.

Alli C

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