Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I am in another mood of wanting to write, but not wanting to commit to it. So I am just going to let my mind wander and take us where it will.

The boys are fighting over a Little Einsteins globe they got for Christmas, and a stuffed doggy that Jack got when he was born. Hemi absolutely ADORES the dog, and Jack only wants it when Hemi has it. I can't find another one online. I found one similar, but it is like $10, and we don't have the extra cash right now.

I am playing Pandora the online radio station, and digging the Carrie Underwood they have one right now.

I am gearing up to go to Richmond to help my dad with my niece and nephew while my mom goes to New Orleans later this week (I know, right after Mardi Gras!). I have made my mental plans about packing, and will probably do it first thing on Wednesday morning right before we leave so that we have all the clothes washed.

Hemi is potty trained! Well, I guess he is potty trained. He is wearing big boy underwear, and has only had 1 pee pee accident and 1 poop accident in the last week. I am so excited! I still put a diaper on him for bed, because he hasn't quite gotten that down yet, but a few mornings he has woken up dry.

We also finally took the rails off of his crib and turned it into a toddler bed, finally. He does pretty good about staying in bed, and will take naps occassionally as well. I guess we are out of the baby phase around here. It is time to sell the pack and play, and any other baby items I have been keeping. We only have big boys in this house!

Alli C

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