Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Party 2010

During the playoffs, Jack became really interested in football. He wanted to play on our old school Nintendo 64 like ALL THE TIME. He watched football with Daddy, although he still doesn't understand it very well. We would watch the Colts, and explain that we used to live near Indianapolis, and in fact he was born there. Jack was SO excited when the Colts beat the Jets, and the "Zanks" beat the Vikings to get to the Super Bowl, even though he still got a little confused about why the Redskins weren't playing.

Daddyman and I don't go to or host Super Bowl parties, but we have "football" snacks and food at home. But with Jack so excited, and the Colts being so close to our hearts, I decided that I would make a big deal about it, and get the kids involved in picking snacks and decorating.

I found some NFL helmets to color here and here. So I printed some, and had the kids color them. I cut out some letters, and footballs, and we decorated in the living room.

As far as food, we had chili, potato skins, pizza, and for dessert, football shaped Rice Krispy treats. The boys saw this on the back of a Cocoa Krispy box, and I decided that it would be a good idea to attempt those. While I was making them, I gave the boys their own lump of treat mix, and they played with it and then ate it. I think that they turned out pretty good, although if I had a pastry bag and tip, they would have been a LOT better. The boys thought they were great!

The boys didn't have any Colts gear, so we made some ourselves with a color printer, iron on transfers, and plain white T-shirts. (PS, we had all the materials for the shirts and the crafts, so I didn't really spend any on the decorations).

Of course, the game didn't end as we would have wanted it. And it was hard explaining to Jack this morning that the Colts didn't win. He said, "But the score was 10-6! The Colts had more points." I had to explain that 10-6 was the score when he went to bed, and that each team scored more after he went to bed.

It was a little fun. A lot of work, but I think the kids (and Daddyman) enjoyed the treats, so it was well worth it.

Alli C

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