Friday, July 30, 2010

I have learned, but very slowly

I was very prepared for Jack's SPD diagnosis. I had read some symptoms about it, and KNEW that he had it. What I have learned since is that he he has an understimulated proprioception (which is how your body moves through "space"). He craves swinging, moving, bumping into things. I hadn't really noticed it much before, but now my eyes are open (most of the time) to reading his cues. If he is really "high" and sort of moving around the house in an out-of-control manner, I know that he needs some sensory input. I don't always pick up on it until he has been "WILD" for 30 minutes or more.

I have learned a lot about what he needs for sensory input. We have been to the OT once, and he fell in love with this plastic box that was filled with dry beans and macaroni noodles. The OT put in some plastic bears and had Jack dig in the box for the bears. I have since filled a plasic storage container with dry beans and macaroni. I was able to find a package of 8 plastic frogs at the Dollar Store, and that has worked good. Hemi enjoys playing in it as well.

I have learned that Jack likes to have a blanket on top of his legs (at least) while he is doing quiet things (watching TV, coloring-sometimes, playing card games). I have also learned that this keeps him from getting "too low" or zombie-like. If he does get too low, he over compensates for it and seems like he is wild. But it is just his way of waking up his body.

I have also learned that it is going to take me a while to completely figure Jack out. I know a lot about him, but there is more to learn. And the things I already know will change. But that's the same with any child, right? They all change. And that's what I've learned.

Alli C

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  1. You have picked up a lot -- give yourself a HUGE pat on the back MOM! :)

    So happy to read your blog posts (and I am SO trying that cake in the other post! LOL).

    Take care of yourself!