Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What I didn't plan for

Today was a busy/rough/strange/exhausting day. I woke up in a bundle of emotions, and ended up crying by myself in the kitchen. Then I got a phone call from a local radio station stating that I had one dinner and a movie as a member of their Fan Club (but that is a whole other blog post).

Then, we had OT for Jack and Speech Therapy for Hemi. Both appointments are at 9, in the same office, and even down the hall. We stayed to chat with one of the OTs for a few minutes. As we were leaving, there was a man on a riding lawn mower riding by the doors, and Jack refused to go outside and started screaming. So we waited for a few minutes as the man finished his mowing, and we were off to the car.

Close to home, we rode by a multi-car accident that had just happened. My sweet, sweet boy Jack said, "Mommy I hope everyone is alright. Can we pray for them?" I melted right there in the car, and encouraged him to pray. He said a sweet, sweet prayer, and I thanked God for him.

Later on, we went to the pediatrician for physicals. Jack needed one so that he can start special horseback riding lessons next week, and well, Hemi just turned 4 so it was time for a visit. I was nervous about taking both of them at the same time, as they both want to be the center of attention and tend to fight a bit. Also, Jack has issues sitting still, and waiting would be hard.

So, I packed and arsenal of things to keep them busy. DVD player, iPod, Leapster, Vtech, coloring books, and crayons. I also packed some juice and snacks just in case. The wait in the lobby was a little longer than usual, but once we got called back, we were moving. Both boys were weighed, measured, and blood pressure taken. Hemi did fine with the blood pressure, but Jack had some issues. He started getting anxious, and didn't like it squeezing his arm, which made it squeeze it harder because his pressure was going up. I literally had to get into his face and make him take deep breaths and physically keep him from trying to remove the blood pressure cuff. His pressure was up slightly, but not enough to warrant another try with it (side note: our pediatrician's office is PHENOMENAL with Jack's Aspergers and trying to keep him even keeled).

Finally, it was time to wait for the doctor, but there were no open rooms, so we sat in the hall on benches. Both boys fidgeted wildly, and I let them. They never got too loud, but I didn't try to make them sit perfectly still like I normally do. I was able to fill out the paperwork about their development with little problems from either of them. I had warned Jack (but not Hemi) that the doctor was going to have to look at his private parts. I find that if I prepare Jack for EVERYTHING, he is able to cope better. The doctor was heading into an occupied room, and stopped to speak with the boys. Hemi proceeds to tell the doctor that she is going to be looking at Jack's wee-wee. And the doctor informs Hemi that she's going to look at his too. He wasn't too excited about that.

We went through both exams, the doctor asked tons of questions, and we went through the list of concerns. Private parts were briefly looked at, and no one freaked out. Then the biggie: both boys are in the overweight category. I knew that Hemi was overweight, but Jack has always been thin for his height. Now, he was officially overweight. The pediatrician had the nutritionist stop in for a bit. I was wanting a consult with a nutritionist since they are both basically vegetarians, and I worry they are not getting the nutrients they need. While she was in the room, the nurses came back with shots for my baby. 5 of them! Hemi had the DVD player, and Jack was supposed to be playing the Leapster. The nurses got the shots together, and started them. I was holding Hemi's top half down, and he started screaming (as I was prepared for).

What I wasn't prepared for was Jack totally flipping out. I mean, a meltdown like I had never seen with him. He had his hands over his ears and was screaming, "Get me out of here! I have to leave! Please, STOP! Stop, you're hurting him!" It was a cross of being concerned for Hemi's safety and not able to handle the noise and chaos. Both kids are screaming, and crying. Neither is consolable. Jack yells at me, "Why did you let them give him shots!" It really bothered him. And the poor nutritionist is still sitting there witnessing it all.

And I am about to lose it.

But some how, I didn't. And with much consoling, and a family hug, and kisses, the boys finally calm down. They turn back to the DVD player, and I can finish the convo with the nutritionist. We came home and I have been a bumbling idiot, and have not been able to put two thoughts together. Hopefully some sleep will help me process it all, and feel better about it.

Alli C

Wednesday, September 1, 2010