Saturday, October 2, 2010

A few steps back

The last few weeks have been pure torture. We had a trip to Richmond, followed by a visit from my mother in law followed by another trip to Richmond. Jack did NOT transition well between any of these things.

Jack does not like riding in the car. Looking back, he never has. But that is a story for a different time. Hemi usually falls asleep pretty quickly, and Jack and I have a 3 hour conversation. I take that back, he usually has a 3 hour monologue. He will ask me questions, and as I am answering them, he is asking about something completely different.

He also gets riled up easily at my mom's house. There are 4 kids in the house, and things can get wild pretty quickly. He doesn't sleep well there either. After about 2 nights of no sleep, he usually gets uncontrollable. If we leave after dinner to come home, he'll fall asleep for about an hour. He sleeps so much better once we get home, although it takes about a week before he gets back to normal.

We have been home 2 weeks, and yet we are no better off than before the start of all of the travelling. He is spinning a LOT more, he's jumping around, hitting, kicking, being rude, saying inappropriate things, as well as others. I have been trying to provide sensory input, but to no avail. It just gets him so hyper, he cannot be controlled. He doesn't listen, even if I stop him and have him look into my eyes. The other day, we got out an office chair, and I spun it around as fast as I could. He would laugh, and laugh. He took turns with his brother for about 30 minutes total. We took a break and did it again for another 30 mins, and he was still just as wild. He was hitting Hemi, running through the house. About the only thing that will calm him down is watching TV (with a blanket on him of course). I just don't want him watching TV ALL the time. I have tried engaging him, but he is very beligerent, and oppositional. I have tried to direct him into other activities, but to no avail.

Also, in the middle of all of this, he has fallen back into old behaviors. Well, he has begun to oppose once tolerated noises, such as the vaccuum, mixer, and can opener. All of these were things that used to freak him out, but he begun to tolerate the noises.

We have been adding things to our schedule in the last few weeks, and I think he is still adjusting to this. I truly want to get into a better routine. Jack was accepted into a local program for Therapeutic Horse Riding for kids/adults with special needs. He has had one lesson so far (10 total for 30mins each), but he absolutely LOVED it. I am not allowed to go to the barn, or watch him ride, which is hard for me, but they have a trainer and at least 2 volunteers to help him.

Hopefully, we will get into a better routine soon. We will begin to receive Respite later in the week, which will help. Not only will I get a much needed break, but they will work with him on his behavior. They are going to set up a token board for him to earn his rewards. Which will come home with us to use here.

We have taken a few steps back, but maybe we're finally going to get back on track.

Alli C

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  1. We've had a rough few weeks here too. Lots of regressing....lots of freaking out about things that were once okay. It's so so rough to get through. Aiden also calms down instantly when watching TV...with a blanket on him...UGH. I think our troubles were caused by a week of skipped naps. He's napped every day this week and we're slowly getting back to "normal". Hope things swing back to "normal" for you soon!!