Monday, January 31, 2011

No more services

Today has been a major #fail. And it is more than just having a case of the Mondays. Before I get into what has made today especially bad, let me take you on a trip back in time.

A few years ago, right before the employment situation in the US fell off a cliff, Daddyman and I decided he should go back to school to get a Master of Accounting. He was unhappy in his job, was traveling 2 weeks out of the month, and we were all struggling with it. He had been searching for a job, but since he had an Economics degree, there wasn't much he could do in Accounting (even though he spent close to 10 years doing tax audits). I had just been laid off (it didn't seem like it was related to the economy, but looking back, it was the cusp of the great fall of the economy), and there were plenty of jobs being advertised in the area of the school Daddyman wanted to go to.

So we took a leap of faith, Daddyman quit his job, we moved, and he started school. Then I couldn't find a job in the area, and no one had health insurance. And I got sick and landed in the hospital for 5 days (mostly in ICU) after having emergency surgery (but that is a different story all together). So we applied for Medicaid. Daddyman and I didn't qualify as we had too much money in the bank (leftover from student loans that we were living on). The rules for kids are different, and the boys qualified.

Then Jack was diagnosed with Asperger's and Hemi gets diagnosed with a speech delay as well as low muscle tone. We get both boys the therapy that they need. Everything is going well.

Now to what is happening now:

Daddyman graduates and is unable to find a job. So we decide to withdraw Daddyman's 401k money from a job he had for 10 years so we can live. In the middle of that, we have our annual review to ensure the boys can keep their Medicaid. We report the funds we received from the 401k, and now (at least temporarily) the boys are disqualified from receiving Medicaid. The state is still determining if this we can begin again with Medicaid, but it does not look promising. The 401k money is counted as income. We are just unsure if it is counted as annual income, or income for one month. If it is income for one month, they will not be reinstated.

In the mean time, OT, ST, and Cognitive Therapy have been terminated. It seems as if we will still get Respite services, but I am not holding my breath (I really thought it was paid by Medicaid, not through a different State run program). Jack is on the waiting list for a special program that is not income based, and it is POSSIBLE that he could receive therapy through this program, but that is a little doubtful too.

I have been an absolute basket case ALL DAY. I was already in a bad mood (hormonally driven), and this has just about sent me over the edge. My kids can't get the services they need. I feel so helpless. I have no clue what to do now. My kids need help. I can help them some, as I have gone to therapy sessions with them, but they need professional help. And I don't have the resources to help them.

What do I do?

Alli C


  1. Huge hugs. I'm so sorry. Does your State have a low-income health insurance program for kids? Here there's something that works like Medicaid, but it's for people with higher incomes than Medicaid guidelines. You have very small copays on services, but from what I hear it's super affordable. Maybe your case worker can give you more info on that. Here's hoping....

  2. That just... sucks. I have no help to offer, just prayers and support.

    I really hope te state gets their act together. Ugh.

  3. Tiffany, our state does have that, but unfortunately, as I'm finding with my son, most of these programs don't accept that insurance. My son has severe emotional/behavioral issues and we are unable to get him any help because he has the state health insurance program for kids (and there are so few services). Based on the limited services for kids, most of these places only accept medicaid or self pay. I am feeling Allison's pain with my own son and inability to get him the help he needs. It is just so heartbreaking all the way around. :(

    That said, Allison, do check into the Health Choice. It will, at the very least, pay for *some* things. Also, you can work with the school system to provide services for both boys because they are both over 3y/o. That's where O gets her speech. I love you, dear friend and am here for you.

  4. Thank you all for your kind words. It is helpful to know there are people on your side.

    Our caseworker is working on making sure we get everything we are qualified for. I am just overwhelmed by it all. Again, thank you so much for your support.

  5. Where do you live? Shouldn't the school district be providing some of those services?

    Wait, this was almost a month ago. What's happened since?