Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Caring Heart and an Update

We FINALLY got approved for Medicaid services. We will be restarting therapies this week. YAY! It will be rough, as Jack has just started getting used to the new "routine". But if we don't push him to adjust to new situations, I feel he will not get better about it.

In the mean time, we had case management through our Medicaid, and lost it due to the loss of Medicaid. Case managers ensure that we are getting the services we are supposed to, and they also help us find resources within the community (they got us in touch with Rocking Horse Ranch in the fall, for Equine-Assisted Therapy). You may be thinking that since we were not receiving therapies through our Medicaid, we didn't really need case management. Not true. Even though the Respite we were receiving was funded through the state, we need case management to oversee the Respite. Since we were losing case management, we were also losing Respite. Also, there were openings for Developmental Therapies funded through the state that required a case manager.

I was heartbroken. Then, our Respite coordinator called someone she knew to see what could be done to help our situation. She knows Jack, and knows that the Respite has been beneficial for both of us.

Andrea, from A Caring Heart case management (a local company) called, and I explained our situation. She listened to me, and was very supportive. Then, she gave our family a great gift. They offered us case management services FREE OF CHARGE. FREE. I was blown away. I cried and cried. Someone wanted to help Jack (and the rest of our family). Someone cared about something besides money.

I met Sabrina the next day, and we filled out the paperwork to get our case management switched to her company. She worked hard, and in less than a week, all of the paperwork was done and we had been approved for Developmental Therapies - 40 hours a month! We are searching for a worker and setting up goals to be met.

Jack is going to be so busy. OT and "Eating School" (he meets with a psychologist to help him try new foods - he gets extremely anxious about eating things not in his rotation) as well as Respite and Developmental Therapy. Which means, I am going to be driving a LOT. And sitting in waiting rooms a LOT. But I am thankful to do this so that Jack gets the help he needs.

I am so thankful to A Caring Heart for helping us, and working with us even though we couldn't pay. They do what they do for the right reasons.

Alli C