Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This and that

Today, the world said good-bye to Michael Jackson. While I was a fan of his, I have to admit that I am EXHAUSTED from all of the coverage that the media has been giving to him. I did however, see most of the memorial service today. It went past 3 PM, which is when Barney comes on, so naturally I had to change the channel. Back to the memorial service. I thought that it was a beautiful service, and truly a celebration of his life. But now, let's PLEASE let the man rest in peace.

Changing gears -Yesterday, Daddyman took the boys outside after their dinner so that I could get our dinner going. Jack wanted to play soccer. Apparently, Hemi did not. Arguing pursued, and Jack got in Hemi's face. Hemi slapped Jack across the face, and Jack screamed, "Look, Bi**h, I told you, we're not playing that game!" Hemi hauled off and slapped Jack again. Daddyman busted out laughing, and sent Hemi in the house for timeout. Jack was told that Bi**h is not a word that should be used EVER.

Over the weekend, the boys and I went to Richmond to visit with Mom and the kids. I was able to secure some Silver Queen corn (THE BEST corn in the WORLD!). We cooked it on the 4th to go with our hamburgers. Drew (my 4 1/2 yo nephew) ate the corn, and couldn't stop talking about how good that corn on the COG was. I tried to explain to him that it was corn on the COB, but he still liked calling it corn on the COG. I am still chuckling over that one!

God Bless,

Alli C

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